Geoff Hildreth

Geoff Hildreth is a vice president and a senior performance analyst for the Hyas Group. He is responsible for contributing to a variety of projects including production of investment performance reports, plan and vendor analyses, and other initiatives. Prior to joining the Hyas Group, Mr. Hildreth was a Performance Measurement Analyst and Team Lead at Arnerich Massena, Inc. During his 10 year tenure there, his main responsibilities included account reconciliation, report generation, design and implementation of automated reporting processes—including daily valuation and alternative pricing models, and management of the firm’s 9-member performance measurement department. Mr. Hildreth’s previous industry experience includes serving as the Retirement Plan Services Daily Operations Manager for Asher Retirement/AKT Retirement Plan Services. Mr. Hildreth holds a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree from Concordia University and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Willamette University. He has also passed the CIPM Principles Exam.